About Me

A New York City-based illustrator influenced by the fantasy genre, the occult, and pop art.

Growing up an avid video game player, I was immersed in imaginative worlds created by game developers whose artistry seeped into my subconscious and has since inspired my own creations. The gothic atmosphere of Castlevania; the eerie and wild depictions of Dark Souls’ creatures; the memorable character design of Final Fantasy: these have helped set the foundation and serve as ongoing influence for much of the fantasy art I enjoy crafting today.

I often blend this magical- and occult-styled imagery with a lighter style influenced by pop art. While I hold a deep appreciation for classic pop art styles, I am intrigued by the way it has morphed in today’s technology-driven era; Internet subculture has led to the development of a new art language that incorporates aspects of 80s and 90s pop culture.

Drawn to these seemingly divergent aesthetics, I find that my art naturally incorporates fantasy and the occult with the Internet’s pop art of today.